Numbers: Heading to the Promise Land

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image001 (12) Numbers Cover.png

Numbers: Heading to the Promise Land


Numbers is the account of God’s people leaving Mt. Sinai and entering the promised land. This 10-week sermon series includes messages on:

  1. Oh the Places You’ll Go! (Numbers 6:22–27)

  2. Conquering Complaining (Numbers 11:1–9)

  3. Eldad, Medad and Me (Numbers 11:24–30)

  4. Defeating Envy (Numbers 12:1–16)

  5. God’s Plan is to Take us to God’s Land (Numbers 13:17–33)

  6. The Main Ingredient! (Numbers 14:1–11)

  7. Up or Down? (Numbers 16:1–13)

  8. In the Waiting Room (Numbers 21:4–10)

  9. Safe and Secure from All Alarms! (Numbers 22:1–12)

  10. Balaam and his Talking (!) Donkey (Numbers 22:20–35)

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This resource includes:

  • MP3 audio of each message

  • Transcripts

  • Liturgy (call to worship, confession, prayer of the day)

  • Outlines (blank and with fill-ins)

  • Message slides (PowerPoint)