A Statement of Faith

We believe that all people are, by nature, sinful and thus separated from God. We believe that God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to suffer and die in our place, and we believe that we are saved by grace through faith in Him alone. God creates and strengthens this faith in us through His means of grace, namely the Word, Holy Baptism, and Holy Communion. 

[Mission Statement]

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The St. Michael Family

As an active member of our church and a disciple of the Lord Jesus, God has called you for the purpose of Connecting People To Jesus


Our History


St. Michael Evangelical Lutheran Church was established in September of 1953. Fifty-four families, members of Redeemer Lutheran Church, wanted a place of worship closer to their homes in the Time Corners area. The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod’s English District Mission Board purchased 26.5 acres of land on Getz Road and a former barracks building to launch the new congregation. The first worship service was held in the building on February 7, 1954, led by Reverend Herbert Lindemann. By June 1954, the congregation called Reverend Bernard Hemmeter as pastor, where he served until his retirement 14 years later.

When to Call the Pastor

Many people think the only time to call the pastor is when there is an illness or a death in the family. These are important times to notify the pastor, but not the only times. In an increasingly complex world, when we are pressured from every side in daily living, here are some suggested times when it would be appropriate to call upon your pastor’s services, friendship, and support:
When facing a serious family problem;
When someone you know is interested in the church;
When there is illness or hospitalization;
When there is a death;
When there is an upcoming wedding;
When you must make an important decision;
When you are unhappy with the church;
When you need someone to talk with in confidence;
When you celebrate the birth of a child; or
When you are facing a spiritual struggle.